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Fluid-Structure Interactions, Volume 2 -compare every offer

9780080531762 - Michael P. Paidoussis: Fluid-Structure Interactions, Volume 2
Michael P. Paidoussis (?):

Fluid-Structure Interactions, Volume 2 (?)

ISBN: 9780080531762 (?) or 0080531768, Bände: 1, 2, in german, Pergamon; Pergamon Press, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika, New, ebook

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Slender Structures and Axial Flow, The text is richly illustrated, lightly written and more wide-ranging than Volume 1. A comprehensive treatment of fluid-structure interactions involving axial flow and slender structures, such as piping, human veins, aircraft, nuclear reactor fuel and submarine skins. The emphasis is on fundamentals, particularly on the physical understanding and underlying mechanisms, as well as on applications.This book will be invaluable for researchers, professional engineers, applied scientists and students involved in the design, study or operation or systems involving fluid flow, internal or external structures, wind or ocean currentsEmphasizes real-world analysis of problems encountered in the field and presents their solutionsA practical and thorough literature review of over 1400 references, an excellent reference documentBridges the gap between academic researchers and practitioners in industry
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ISBN (alternative notations): 0-08-053176-8, 978-0-08-053176-2
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