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Advanced search syntax

The Book Search supports the following advanced syntax in the search for books input field. The easiest way to do this is to use theadvanced searchbe used.

The functions of theadvanced searchcan also be used directly in the search field by using theadvanced search syntaxis used. Theadvanced search syntaxcan also be used when uploading searches for registered users.

Theadvanced search syntaxalways consists of a so-calledVerb, which is preceded by the search term and by it by a ":" (double point). For example, searchesauthor:brownafter all books with the author "brown" (case is generally ignored). TheVerbis in this case "author", the search term "brown"

If search terms with special characters (e.g. spaces, colon, etc.) are to be searched, these search terms must be searched by single or double quotation marks'respectively."be framed. If these framing signs occur in the search term itself, they must be repeated in the search term. This applies to allVerbs, not only forauthor, as exemplified here.

Examples of special characters:


FollowingVerbsare used in theadvanced search syntaxSupports:

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