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Biographies & Memoirs

Naturally Tan: A MemoirNaturally Tan: A Memoir
From France, Tan, ISBN: 9781250208668
List price C$ 32.99
New from C$ 30.47¹
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This Is How It Always Is: A NovelThis Is How It Always Is: A Novel
From Frankel, Laurie, ISBN: 9781250088567
List price C$ 22.50
New from C$ 21.18¹
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Dry: A MemoirDry: A Memoir
From Burroughs, Augusten, ISBN: 9781250034403
List price C$ 23.50
New from C$ 7.49¹
Used from C$ 3.38¹
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Three WomenThree Women
From Taddeo, Lisa, ISBN: 9781451642292
List price C$ 36.00
New from C$ 30.57¹
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The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne ListerThe Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister
From Lister, Anne, ISBN: 9781844087198
List price C$ 17.99
New from C$ 14.92¹
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Radical Feminism: Feminist Activism in MovementRadical Feminism: Feminist Activism in Movement
From Mackay, F., ISBN: 9781137363572
List price C$ 32.01
New from C$ 27.05¹
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Literature & Fiction


It Feels Good to Be Yourself: A Book About Gender IdentityIt Feels Good to Be Yourself: A Book About…
From Thorn, Theresa, ISBN: 9781250302953
List price C$ 23.50
New from C$ 18.09¹
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They She He Me: Free to Be!They She He Me: Free to Be!
From Gonzalez, Maya Christina, ISBN: 9781945289095
List price C$ 18.57
New from C$ 14.82¹
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Flogging: Essential Guidebook for Lovers of the LashFlogging: Essential Guidebook for Lovers of the…
From Bean, Joseph, ISBN: 9781890159276
List price C$ 15.74
New from C$ 12.77¹
Used from C$ 6.10¹
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Parenting & Families

Stay and Fight: A NovelStay and Fight: A Novel
From ffitch, Madeline, ISBN: 9780374268121
List price C$ 36.50
New from C$ 30.00¹
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Love Makes a FamilyLove Makes a Family
From Beer, Sophie, ISBN: 9780525554226
List price C$ 16.99
New from C$ 14.78¹
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Tell It to the BeesTell It to the Bees
From Shaw, Fiona, ISBN: 9780955647666
New from C$ 12.59¹
Used from C$ 1.26¹
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Are You Ready For The Beach - 18 Month Weekly Planner: Is summer here yet, because it is getting hot! 18 month beefcake calendar planner to schedule your getaway with a friend to a tropical island paradise!Are You Ready For The Beach - 18 Month Weekly…
From Planners, Paradise, ISBN: 9781096155188
List price C$ 11.97
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From Sedaris, David, ISBN: 9780316392426
List price C$ 23.49
New from C$ 20.02¹
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Kilted Yoga: yoga laid bareKilted Yoga: yoga laid bare
From Wilson, Finlay, ISBN: 9781473667846
List price C$ 20.99
New from C$ 11.24¹
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